“Charlotte’s Web of Spider”

Foaled:  4/28/2007

  • AMHA/AMHR Registered
  • Height: 34″
  • Color:  Black
  • Sire: Lilliput Acres Show Me The Bucks by LK Buck on Broadway
  • Dam: Kawanas Flirtatous Kiss (ARC breeding top and bottom)

Charlotte is a foundational bred beautiful black daughter of “Spider” who goes back to Boones Little Buckeroo on her top side and her dam’s side is all ARC breeding. This mare has it put together.




“Kawanas Flirtatous Kiss”

Foaled:  9/2/2000

  • AMHA / AMHR Registered
  • Height:  31″
  • Color:  Blue Roan
  • Sire:  ARC Learo
  • Dam:  ARC Kawana

Kiss is all ARC foundational breeding from top to bottom. ARC horses all show that chiseled head, upheadedness, flat topline, and correct confirmation and Kiss is no different. She is a rare blue roan mare that throws 95% black foals.

Kiss’ last 2 two foals have been very tiny – under 30″ mature – and have been shown. They both have done very well. She has given us multiple beautiful horses with most being shown and most ending up in the Winner’s Circle. Her babies can be found on our web pages – Mares, Stallions, and Geldings. She puts beautiful little chiseled heads on all her babies with very nice conformation.



“Lilliput Acres ShowMe Blue Pearl”

Foaled:  6/28/2006

  • AMHA / AMHR Registered
  • Height:  33″
  • Color:  Grey
  • Sire: Lilliput Acres Show Me The Bucks by LK Buck on Broadway
  • Dam: Flying W Farms Blue Taboo by FWF Little Blue Boy

Wow… what can you say about this girl’s pedigree!! She is stacked top and bottom. All of Pearl’s brothers and sisters have been National Champions.

Pearl has given us some beautiful little horses – horses that end up in the Winner’s Circle. We have 2 fillies and 1 gelding out of her and each has a show record. You can find them here on our web pages under Mares and Geldings.



“Mary’s Girl Molassis”

Foaled:  5/23/2006

  • AMHA / AMHR Registered
  • Height:  33″
  • Color:  Brown / Bay
  • Sire: Nat. Ch. Z-Man
  • Dam: Sunraes Mootsie Tootsie by Nat. Ch. Hobby Knolls Palomino Turkey

Molly’s pedigree has multiple National Champions in it such as: Z-Man, Shredder, Rowdy, East Acres Golden Jubilee, and Hobby Knolls Palomino Turkey.

Molly is pretty little mare  that was shown as a yearling with limited show success – probably due to the minimal show experience of her handler (me). She is a very nice mare that’s easy to be around.  Molly has some limited driving experience. She is a very good horse under harness if you are looking for a horse to just “drive to town” with as she has never been shown under harness. I have driven her into town multiple times and she does very well with traffic, dogs, kids, and loud noises. Like I said, she is great if you just want a horse that you can harness and go for a drive.



“Mountain Meadows Double Image”

Foaled:  1/03/2008

  • AMHA / AMHR Registered
  • Height:  33.5″
  • Color:  Brown
  • Sire: Mountain Meadows Sovereign
  • Dam: Mountain Meadows Tymeless Image by Celebrations Tessessee Tyme by Prince Tennessee Monashee

Sissy is all legs and neck. This little mare has the longest neck, tiny little body, and long legs with a GIANT trot. She has never been shown but has a great driving pedigree. Sissy will be started in driving and see how she does. With that crazy over the top trot of hers, she should do awesome. If you’re looking for an Open Driving or Roadster prospect, Sissy may have everything that you’re looking for.

Sissy had a cute little black filly May 2014. This little filly has her mama’s huge trot and her daddy’s elegant head. She should make a great driving horse.



“Mountain Meadows Tymers Savannah”

Foaled:  4/13/2003

  • AMHA / AMHR Registered
  • Height:  33.5″
  • Color:  Sorrel Pinto
  • Sire: Celebrations Tennessee Tyme by Prince Tennessee Monashee
  • Dam: Fire Goddess by Lucky Four Fury’s Fire and Smoke

Savannah is a beautiful mare with great head and eye, long sloping shoulder, and nice hip. This mare throws some outstanding foals. Her 2010 foal “Petey” has done extremely well in the show ring. He is listed on our “Stallion” page with his show record which is too long to list here. Check him out.




“MRZ Zs Little Sin”

Foaled: 10/01/2004

  • AMHA / AMHR Registered
  • Height: 32.75″
  • Color:  Bay Pinto
  • Sire: Z-Man by Shredder Grandson and an East Acres Golden Jubilee Granddaughter
  • Dam: Fertile Slopes Bright Star

Sinny is a gorgeous mare that has given us multiple show champions. She is a great horse and her babies have all been great horses. What more can I say about her….. we just love this horse.



Pics 8-23-10 126IMG_7362

“Sunraes Mootsie Tootsie”

Foaled: 5/28/1994

  • AMHA / AMHR Registered
  • Height:  33″
  • Color:  Sorrel
  • Sire:  Nat. Ch. Hobby Knolls Palomino Turkey
  • Dam: Menagerie of Minis Shazam

Moots is the “Grand Ol’ Gal” here on the farm. She is out of a Nat. Champion sire and has thrown some unbelievable little babies that have grown to become some awesome show horses. Moots will live out her life here ……




“MRZ Cher”

Foaled:  4/17/2011

  • AMHA / AMHR Registered
  • Height: 31″
  • Color:  Silver Dapple
  • Sire:  Tibbs Fox With Flair by Tibbs Silver Fox (HOF)
  • Dam:  Charlotte’s Web of Spider

Cher is ……… what can we say about Cher? She’s a beautiful little filly with very limited show experience due to an injury to her leg – she broke it!!! Yes she broke her front cannon bone when she was 6 weeks old and even that didn’t slow her down. She had a cast on leg for 6 weeks which by her behavior you would never guess was there. By her behavior now you still wouldn’t know she ever had a problem. She loves to run, buck, and carry on just like all the rest of the horses. Like I said earlier, she’s a beautiful little filly with excellent bloodlines: Tibbs on top and Buckeroo/ARC on the dam side. She loves to be a pest and be in your back pocket when you’re her in paddock. She’s always sweet and kind with a huge eye, great head, and a huge hip.


Claire is now a “California Girl” – Congratulations to Irene Baldwin on her purchase!!!

Claire 1Claire 2

“MRZ Sinclaire”

Foaled:  7/14/2011

  • AMHA / AMHR Registered
  • Height: 31″
  • Color:  Buckskin Pinto
  • Sire:  Tibbs Fox With Flair by Tibbs Silver Fox (HOF)
  • Dam: MRZ Z’s Little Sin

  • 2012 AMHA Honor Roll (6th) Amateur Jr. Mares Level 1 Over 30 to 33″
  • 2012 AMHA Regional High Point Champion
  • 2012 MMHC Futurity Champion
  • 2012 MMHC AMHA Grand Champion Junior Mare
  • 2012 Sioux Falls SD AMHR Show: Amateur Champion, Yearling Mare Champion
  • 2012 Sioux Falls SD AMHA Show: Amateur Champion, Yearling Mare Champion
  • 2012 Cedar Rapids Ia All American AMHR Show: Amateur Champion, Yearling Mare Champion

Claire is an outstanding little show horse that has such a big beautiful eye, eye-catching color, and exceptional conformation. This little mare will put you in the top of your class in the show ring and think what she’ll do for you in the breeding barn.


Lilli 4Lilli 3

“Lilliput Acres Dancing Spider”

Foaled:  7/23/2011

  • AMHA / AMHR Registered
  • Height: 30″
  • Color:  Steel Grey
  • Sire:  Lilliput Acres Dance Til U R Blue
  • Dam:  Lilliput Acres Show Me Blue Pearl


  • 2012 AMHA Amateur Reserve Champion Mare

Lilly is a royally bred little filly. She comes from some of the most well known foundational breeding programs in the world – Flying W Farms Little Blue Boy and Buckeroo. Her pedigree screams outstanding with names such as FWF Little Blue Boy, FWF Wardance, FWF Little Wardance, FWF Blue Taboo, Lilliput Acres Show Me the Bucks, and LK Buck on Broadway. Lilly comes stacked with National and World Champions and is destined to go that way too…………



“MRZ Serendipity”

Foaled:  8/23/2011

  • AMHA / AMHR Registered
  • Height: 33.5″
  • Color:  Palomino
  • Sire:  Tibbs Fox With Flair by Tibbs Silver Fox (HOF)
  • Dam: Mountain Meadows Tymers Savannah

Serendipity is very nice moving filly that should make an awesome driving horse – not sure if I would put her in as an Open Pleasure or Country Pleasure horse, but she sure moves nice. “Olive” as she’s affectionately known here on the farm is a daughter of our Champion stallion on her topside and out of a mare that goes back to Prince Tennessee Monashee. This little gal is really put together………


  • 026004







“MRZ Shotgun Sherry”

Foaled: 5/29/2014

  • AMHA / AMHR Registered
  • Height: 31″
  • Color:  Black
  • Sire:  Tibbs Fox With Flair by Tibbs Silver Fox (HOF)
  • Dam: Mountain Meadows Double Image

This little filly is jet black and has a huge trot that she got from her mama’s side of the family. She’s great a cute head but that trot is awesome. If you’re looking for a Roadster or Open Pleasure driving prospect, search no more. She’s very willing and loves people.


020 018






“MRZ Delilah Belle”

Foaled: 5/14/2014

  • AMHA / AMHR Registered
  • Height: 32″
  • Color: Palomino
  • Sire:  Tibbs Fox With Flair by Tibbs Silver Fox (HOF)
  • Dam: Charlotte’s Web of Spider

Belle is a pretty little Palomino filly that is very pretty and in your pocket. She’s bred to show in Halter and will be shown this year in our show string. She should do very well.

If you’re looking for a Halter filly that is gorgeous and Palomino besides, Belle is it.


“Tibbs Tango Harmony”

Foaled: 5/14/2014

  • AMHA / AMHR Registered
  • Height: 29″
  • Color: Black
  • Sire: Rhapsody’s Latin Tango (HOF)
  • Dam: Tibbs Ima Foxy Lady

Harmony is our new addition from the Tibb’s Family Miniatures from Fort Pierre, SD. We just love this little filly. She has such a personality and is incredibly intelligent. We plan to show her and think that she should go very far. She is my favorite little horse. I can’t wait for the show season to get here!!!

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